Saturday, March 12, 2011

HosTeL LifE

the happiest day of my life is when i checked the internet informing me that i've been accepted into a boarding school (MJSC Bentong ler)hehe..what joy..! i was looking forward to living with people of my own age since i'm only child.rsa2 mcm dh keje jer...wkaka..!my family were really sad to let me go away but they understood that it is for my own good (budget jer)haha...well...mmg btol un..of course la...i'm the last that still in ..4 sure they want the bestest from me..ngee...!after a few years in college..i found that i really2 enjoyed hostel life altought sometimes uh ader la homesick2 has taught me to be independent and is a lot of fun since i do everything with my friends...every morning..wake up...turon suboh..kdg2 ponteng suboh..haha!g skola sme2..dngr ceramah free tyme roll call...riadah ptg2....(wekk..!!)haha...budget ikot jer routine hostel sume tuh..haha...tyme f1 dulu boley year of 2011 is my senior year 4 lower secondary n the senior of mjsc Tar....satu2nya pioneer batch yg tnggal since f5 tawon lps dh x de...huhu...n this is mybe my last year in mjsc tar..i would like to transfer to other mjsc when i reach f4 nnt....i'm sure i will miss my life with my friends.we have laughed,cried,studied and played together these past years.we also have grown up from being adolescents to young adults...(ceyy..mntg2 bru blaja topic growth ) memories i will treasure for the rest of my life...

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